At The Furniture Phoenix, we sell reclaimed wood furniture made with wood that has been exclusively reclaimed or recycled. Our furniture is manufactured from a combination of parts and labour provided primarily in Colorado. We believe that businesses can and must treat the environment, employees, contractors, and customers with respect and dignity for our society to survive. At The Furniture Phoenix, is our desire to gain a reputation of ethical practices and sustainability so that when people purchase our products, they can rest at ease that no workers were mistreated, no deforestation was created, and a net positive to the environment we live in was accomplished. Please note that some parts of our furniture contain steal, which is not recycled.

The philosophy behind our name: The phoenix is a mythical bird reborn into a beautiful new creation after its death. Here at The Furniture Phoenix, we transform the discarded, the “trash”, and the “unloved” wood in our world into unique and beautiful furniture that will last for years to come.